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Success Stories

Check the details of several cases involving the i4cast® software.

CaseTecon Salvador

Part of the Wilson, Sons group, the Port of Salvador Container Terminal (Tecon), is committed to the local economy’s development, with an outstanding logistics and port services, willing to continually earn the market’s credibility and trust.

TECON installed the i4cast® software in order to have decision making´s support on planning the best sailing windows and therefore increase efficiency and safety during the operations.


Applied tools

Real-time ocean and weather monitoring and high precision 3 days forecasts.

This tool indicates the best sailing Windows and cargo plans with 3 days in advance.

This tool identifies the Dynamic Under Keel Clearance (DUKC) in real time and with a 3-day forecast.

Comparison of different vessel's sailing windows, in order to choose the best vessel to operate without compromising the berth's availability rates.

Case Bahia’s Navy – Brazil

The i4cast® software was extensively used to assist the Bahia’s navy and Bahia’s firefighters during the search of bodies related to the passenger’s boat crash in the Bay of All Saints – Salvador, on August 24th/2017. The bodies were successfully found within the search radius indicated by the system.

From this first use of the technology, the i4cast® software were installed on the Bahia’s Navy through a formal deal of technical cooperation with the 2nd district of the Brazilian Navy.

Currently, the 2nd district is the first and only district in Brazil to have a high precision ocean and weather forecast and monitoring system to support navigation safety, maritime surveillance, search and rescue within the Bay of All Saints.

Applied tools

1. Ocean and weather real time monitoring and high precision 3 days high precision forecasts; 2. Extreme ocean and weather conditions´ alerts; 3. Support on search and rescue efforts.

CasePort of Itajaí – SC/Brazil

The consortium formed by the companies i4sea, Technomar and STC (Holland) won the Port of Itajaí’s public tender to develop a theoretic study, vessel maneuver’s simulations and pilots training regarding the Port of Itajaí’s new waterway access.

Applied tools

1. Ocean and weather historic caracterization; 2. Ocean and weather monitoring and forecasted through 3D numerical modelling (tides, currents, waves and winds) specific for the region to support the simulation scenarios within the pilots training.