Anticipate sea and weather impacts on your business

Make decisions with no surprises through sea and weather hyperlocal forecasts and actionable insights for coastal operations. i4sea translates the information into risk and impact assessments so you can make decisions safely.

More than 1000 real insights actively contributing to decision making in large companies
Why i4sea?

Climate is changing and i4sea helps you manage it

Coastal areas are the most impacted by climate change. Recurrent floods, extreme weather and sea conditions put lives at risk and incur economic losses.

i4sea translates weather and sea forecasts into customizable and actionable insights. No more surprises for your operations.

Set up weather and sea customizable alerts.
TECHNOLOGYMuch more than forecast: intelligence applied to your operations so you take control of the situation.
Set up weather and sea customizable alerts.

You look at several forecasts but still don't know what's going to happen to your business, so decisions are made in a hurry.

i4sea helps you have control of your planning with hyperlocal forecasts based on the risk and impact on your day-to-day operations. Thus, you can focus on enhancing the safety and efficiency of your business.

i4cast platformMore control, more insights, more assertiveness

Get to know the impact of sea and weather conditions on your operations within the next 10 days. Insights, alerts and customisable analyses translate environmental data into impact-based actions, speaking the language of your business.


Customisable dashboard for any type of planning. Environmental data transformed into actions and decisions for your team.

i4cast APIOne API.
Multiple features.

A single API to integrate hyperlocal forecast data, operational insights and alerts to areas, routes and locations.

Historical dataAdd environmental conditions to your BI Software
Reliable historical data for trends analysis, past events and data backed decision reminders

Monitor trends, register events and improve the decision making process with reliable historical and hyperlocal data.

Reliable historical data for trends analysis, past events and data backed decision reminders


Benefits in all industries

Port operations
For port operationsBetter control, safety and efficiency in your daily operations.
Civil engeneering
For engineeringEnhance productivity and decrease the risk for coastal projects.
Port operations
For VesselsAnticipate the best arrival/departure times, protect assets and optimise port stay.
Renewable energy
For renewable energyOptimise resources, establish preventive maintenance and minimise damages.
Leisure and sports
For leisure and sportsIncrease efficiency of your sports event and user experience.
Approved by big maritime companies in several industries